Acoustic Underscreed - A case study

Acoustic Underscreed - A case study

The Sound Insulation Store supplied its floating floor products as part of the separating floor system that was used for the construction of 8 New Build Flats on Scarisbrick New Road, Southport.

The Sound Insulation Store aided the acoustic consultants Peninsular Acoustics Limited who were overseeing the acoustic design of the project.

The following design was constructing utilising the FFR 6mm underlay with associated perimeter strip supplied by the sound insulation store.

Please see the following separating floor constructional diagram;

The floating floor system was installed, including underfloor heating within the screed. Please see the following onsite photographs showing some of the installation.

Good isolation of the floating screed from the waste pipe and the perimeter walls.

The underfloor heating system was installed within the floating screed.

Test Results

Peninsular Acoustics Limited carried out ANC (Association od Noise Consultants) Accredited sound insulation testing, with the following floor test results achieved for airborne and impact sound.

All sound insulation tests of the separating floor structure passed by a margin for airborne and impact sound. The sound insulation store FFR 6mm underlay with associated perimeter strip, complemented the overall separating floor design well. If you require any further information regarding FFR 6mm underlay system for screeded floating floors please get in touch with our technical team.


To summarise there were a number of companies involved in the project:

Acoustic Consultant – Peninsular Acoustics

Architect – Seddon Associates

Developer – Direct Developments Limited

Floating Floor Supplier – Sound Insulation Store

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