University of Liverpool Absorption Treatment Case Study

University of Liverpool Absorption Treatment Case Study




Leading insulation and waterproofing product manufacturer Soprema, has provided its PURE-KUSTIC D50 Absorption Panels for an acoustic refurbishment of The Liverpool University Careers Office, which was installed and specified by insulation experts Floorscan Acoustics


Designed as a central hub for the students on and off campus. The Liverpool University Careers Office features a large open space with many reflective surfaces and large volumes of glazing. However, feedback from occupiers showed that they were finding it difficult to concentrate and communicate due to the high reverberation time, which is the reflection of sound. A solution was required to mitigate this issue. Additionally, there was a requirement for a rapid turnaround, completing the work in just two days while the office remained manned and operational for the duration.

During the quotation stage of the project, Floorscan Acoustics conducted a site visit where they calculated the estimated reverberation time in the affected areas, using Soprema’s Online Acoustic Modelling software to calculate mid-frequency reverberation time. Using this data, along with measurements of the areas, the correct number of PURE-KUSTIC panels was specified in order to meet activity ratings deemed acceptable by BB93. The target rating was to bring the mid-frequency reverberation times below Tmf 1.2s after installation. 

Soprema’s PURE-KUSTIC D50 Absorption Panel consists of polyester fibre boards, lightly pressed on both sides resulting in a smooth surface for the application of interior finishes. In rooms where reverberation is an issue, such as the University of Liverpool Careers Office, PURE-KUSTIC boards can be installed on the walls and ceilings to provide acoustic corrections due to their high sound absorption. This was precisely why the product was specified by Floorscan Acoustics. 

 at Floorscan Acoustics said: “There was a thorough measurement and estimation process before we commenced any work at the University of Liverpool Careers Office. There were a number of problems to solve throughout the project and in a short space of time. The ceiling space had many services, meaning that the conventional rectangular absorption panel wouldn’t be a great fit, and the walls featured many windows and doors, reducing the space for wall panels. To combat these issues, circular panels allowed us to add the coverage required from the ceiling, avoiding taking up wall space and creating an appealing pattern for much better acoustic performance. Additionally, the single point fixing system meant less drilling and cleaning was required to anchor the suspension kits in place.

“Not only did Soprema’s PURE-KUSTIC D50 absorption panels achieve the acoustic performance required, but the aesthetic features of the product allowed us to meet the design brief, and the versatility of the product enabled us to overcome the space-related challenges. The client was highly satisfied with the aesthetics, performance, and quick turnaround. Students and educators noticed an immediate effect upon installation, helping with their work, productivity, and peace of mind.”

The project also delivered in terms of sustainability, as PURE-KUSTIC absorption panels are non-toxic and are made from recycled PET bottles, one of the most recycled plastics in the world, helping reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste. What’s more, having calculated exactly how many panels and fixings were needed, there were no excess materials or wastage.

Akos from Soprema UK said: “The University of Liverpool Careers Office was a challenging but rewarding project. Achieving the required acoustic performance in a space that was so vast was no easy feat, particularly with the added complication of the high level of glazing. However, our PURE-KUSTIC D50 product proved to be the perfect solution, not just for its operational performance, but for its aesthetic qualities and ease of installation.” 

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