Soundblocker 19 (600mm x 600mm) Acoustic Tile

Sound Reduction Systems

Sound Reduction Systems

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Soundblocker provide the most comprehensive system available for reducing the breakout of sound through suspended ceilings.

They are ideal for use where partitions are installed only to the underside of the suspended ceiling, and will reduce the problem commonly found within the office environment of room to room noise. Soundblocker will also reduce vertical sound transmission between floors, and from services within the ceiling void. Suitable for most ceiling systems. 

Soundblocker are simply placed onto the back of the ceiling tile and can be installed with the ceiling or as a retrofit.  Easily removed with the tile, Soundblocker allow access to the ceiling void.

Soundblocker are formed from a rigid attenuating layer bonded to an acoustic foam. The foam absorbs reverberation sound within the ceiling void and makes an acoustic seal to the ceiling grid.

Four standard types are available to satisfy varying demands, from the normal office environment to locations where higher levels of sound need to be reduced, in music or industrial applications.

Please consult the Soundblocker datasheet for full installation & performance information.


Soundblocker 16 is 600mm x 600mm

Soundblocker 16 is 600mm x 1200mm 

Soundblocker 19 is 600mm x 1200mm

Soundblocker 19 is 600mm x 600mm

Soundblocker 25 is 600mm x 1200mm

Soundblocker 25 is 600mm x 600mm

The team at SIS say:  This is a great quick fix solution for office ceilings.  We also recommend installing dB Slab 100 above the laying grid to really increase the performance.  Note, extra ceiling wire may be required to hold the extra weight of Soundblocker & dB Slab.

The easiest way to work out the quantities required is to count your existing ceiling tiles or based on your square meterage. 

For assistance on the correct quantity to order please contact our technical team on 01928 571 856 or email us on

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