SoundBar 53

Sound Reduction Systems

Sound Reduction Systems

£ 115.10 Inc. VAT

Dimension 1150mm x 1150mm x 15mm

Soundbar is a high performance, a semi-flexible acoustic barrier designed to reduce sound transmission through suspended ceiling voids. Installed from the soffit to the partition head, Soundbar is ideal where partitions or walls are installed to the underside of a suspended ceiling. For ease and speed of installation, it can be installed from one side by one man. Soundbar can reduce room to room noise by up to 53dB. Soundbar provides maximum speech privacy and protection against unwanted noise. Soundbar will readily form around services which pass through the barrier. Soundbar is formed with a dense core bonded between two fibrous layers. The outer surface has a reinforced aluminium facing. Soundbar is supplied as a system with all accessories for installation. Soundbar offers high room to room sound insulation Soundbar is easily installed from one side Soundbar can be easily cut and shaped Soundbar easily accommodates services Soundbar can be easily jointed Installation of Soundbar causes minimum disruption All fixing and accessories provided as a system

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