Maxideck Edging Strip 25mm

Sound Reduction Systems

Sound Reduction Systems

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The maxideck edging strip (for use if skirting already installed) 25mm x 5.6m In order to isolate the boards from the skirting, and allow for any expansion that might occur, the self-adhesive 25mm 5/26 Maxideck Edging Strip should be applied directly to the trimmed edge of the board.

This enables the installer to locate the boards easily, leaving a 10mm expansion gap, which the Soundseal will expand to fill. Please note that the rate of expansion varies depending on site conditions - a period of 24hrs should be allowed for full expansion. If fitting skirting boards after the Maxideck has been installed, you must use the wider 32mm 5/26 Maxideck Edging Strip on the boards that meet the perimeter walls. The excess Edging Strip expands over the top of the Maxideck and provides the installer with a resilient base to sit the skirting board.

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