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Genie 80 Ceiling System (Concrete)

The Genie 80 Ceiling System offers high level acoustic insulation in only 80mm depth from the underside of your ceiling

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Key Benefits
  • High level of acoustic reduction
  • Only 60mm depth off the underside of joists
  • Multiple layers of acoustic mass
  • Fail safe easy to install Maxi resilient bars
  • Genie Clip and Tecsound technology
Installation instructions

Remove the existing ceiling to reveal the cavity and underside of concrete soffit. Ensure the soffit i structurally sound and in good condition. Install 50mm timber battens to the underside of the concrete soffit.Install 50mm Rockwool RWA45 between the battens. Friction fit the insulation and make sure it is tightly packed. Make sure any gaps around the perimeter of the room are also insulated.

Install the Genieclip RST to the underside of the joists at 400mm centres (see full genieclip installation instructions below). Install genieclip furring channels into the genieclips at 400 centres. Leave the furring channel 5mm from the perimeter of where the ceiling meets the wall. Install a layer of 15mm Siniat dB Plasterboard (Blue) directly into the genieclip furring channels. Install in a brick bond pattern, leave a 5mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the ceiling and infill with acoustic sealant. Install the Tecsound SY50 over the plasterboard. There are different techniques for installing the Tecsound, it can be cut into sections and installed in manageable sections up onto the ceiling, or it can be installed onto the board before installing the ceiling. The layer of Tecsound must be continuous across the entire ceiling . Fix a final layer of 15mm Siniat Fireline plasterboard over the Tecsound. Fix through the Tecsound and first layer of plasterboard to ensure you catch the furring channels with the fixing of the second board. Again install in a brickbond pattern and leave a 5mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the ceiling and infill with acoustic sealant. The ceiling is now ready to be finished with either wet plaster or tape and joint finish.

Genie 80 Ceiling System (Concrete)

Genie 80 Ceiling System (Concrete)

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