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Acoustic Underlay for LVT

Our dB Matting 15 and Jumpax Heatpak together provide the perfect underlay for LVT (luxury Vinyl Tiles).

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Key Benefits
  • High-level impact and airborne sound reduction
  • Low deflection creates a stable, floating sub-floor
  • Jumpax heatpak provides a solid subfloor for LVT
  • Effective acoustic material
  • Approved by leading LVT Manufacturer
  • Low heat-resistance
  • Perfectly smooth surface for Vinyl, Carpet, Engineered Wood, Linoleum and Cork.
  • Dry & Dust-free installation, easy and quick to fit
Installation instructions

Ensure your subfloor is clean dry and most importantly level ready to receive the flooring. Install dB Matting 15 over your level subfloor. DB Matting is installed in a brick bond pattern, bond down to the subfloor using Mapei Elastorapid VS90 or F3 adhesive, apply the adhesive with a 3mm notched trowel and lay the dB Matting over the adhesive. Install the dB Matting tightly to the walls at the perimeter of each room. If there are any gaps around the wall infill with acoustic sealant.


Install the Unifloor Jumpax Heatpak over the dB Matting 15 (see full Jumpax instruction here). The 3mm baseboard is installed first 'tacky' side up, then the 4mm top board is cross-staggered over the baseboards, peeling away the film to lay on its self-adhesive back. Leave a 5mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the jumpax and infill with an acoustic sealant. The Jumpax creates a cross-braced level solid floor with minimal deflection to receive your LVT floor finish. It also provides an MDF surface for the LVT to be bonded to or laid on.

Acoustic Underlay for LVT

Acoustic Underlay for LVT

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