Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation

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Impact Rating: 59dB L nTw
Airborne Rating 62dB DnTw +C tr
Thickness 13mm
Sheet Dimensions: 1.18m x 0.58m
Area: 0.68㎡

What is dBoard?

dBoard is an innovative acoustic building board used to create ceilings and wall linings to resist the passage of sound.  

Made up of gypsum board and a polymeric layer with a thickness of only 13mm, this multi-purpose board contains high levels of mass to ensure optimum acoustic performance.  

dBoard has been designed to ensure ceiling and wall linings can perform to the high acoustic levels required in modern construction.  It has also been used to great effect in reducing flanking transmission as part of a wall lining system.

For assistance on the correct quantity to order please contact our technical team on 01928 571 856 or email us on hello@soundinsulationstore.co.uk

Dimensions:  1180mm x 580mm x 13mm (19kg/m2)

To be used with Maxi HP Screws,  Resilient Bars, MF Ceiling Systems and independent wall lining systems.


The team at SIS say:  When installed on an MF Metal Ceiling Grid this system can dramatically upgrade existing floor/ceiling structures. 

The system can achieve an hour fire rating when over boarded with 15mm Fireline Plasterboard. 

If your room ceiling or wall is 4m x 3m = 12m2 / 0.68 = 17.65 so rounded up = 18 Sheets of dBoard required. 

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