Using acoustilay to soundproof laminate and timber flooring

Using acoustilay to soundproof laminate and timber flooring

What to consider when using a laminate or timber flooring

Laminate and timber flooring has become increasingly popular over the years with many people preferring it over more traditional carpeting. However, this modern trend for laminate and timber flooring can have significant implications for the soundproofing quality of your building – increasing airborne and impact noise distribution and causing a disturbance to neighbours.


How to reduce noise distribution when using laminate and timber flooring.

Acoustilay is the most advanced acoustic flooring system on the market. The product is easy to cut and install and is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. All our Acoustilay products provide excellent noise reduction performance and offer the user a range of benefits:

  • Improves sound reduction performance for both impact and airborne noise
  • Effective for concrete and timber joisted substrates
  • Easy to cut, shape and install
  • Can allow access to existing floor
  • Minimises increases to floor levels
  • Has applications for both new build & conversion projects
  • Helps to meet legislative obligations such as Part E of the Building regulations
  • Now 100% recyclable and manufactured in the UK


Our range of Acoustilay products

Acoustilay 3 has an overall thickness of 10mm. It is highly effective for impact noise reduction and can be applied to both timber and concrete floors. It has a resilient base and the attenuating layer has a thinner flexible membrane. Acoustilay 8 has an overall thickness of 12mm. It offers high performance soundproofing for impact noise as well as providing some airborne noise applications – these will depend on the structure.

Acoustilay 8 has the same resilient base as Acoustilay 3 and is bonded to one attenuating layer. Acoustilay 15 has an overall thickness of 15mm. It gives excellent soundproofing for both impact and airborne noise distribution. It has two flexible attenuating layers which are bonded to a resilient foam core.


Installation guide for fitting Acoustilay with timber and laminate flooring

When installing Acoustilay beneath laminate or timber flooring it is necessary to also install Acoustilay mdf – this should be fitted between the Acoustilay insulation and the laminate or timber flooring. The use of Acoustilay mdf improves stability for the floor finish and prevents problems due to point loading, carpet rucking, and joint damage to the floor finish. For further instructions please see our comprehensive installation guide.

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