Acoustilay Tilemat Tile Adhesive (2 part)

Sound Insulation

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Sound Insulation

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Mapei Elastorapid Kit 2-Part -25Kg (GREY) is a Two Component Cementitious Adhesive with No Vertical Slip, and Extended Open Time for Ceramic Tiles and Stone Material.

High performance, Low viscosity & Highly thixotropic.

Perfect bonding to all building materials Can accept foot traffic and be grouted after just 3 hours. Ready for use after 24 hours.

Dimensions:  20kg Bag Elastorapid Component A & 5kg Drum Elastorapid Component B.

The team at SIS say:  When using the tile adhesive with Acoustilay Tilemat you should aim for 7m2 coverage so 1no. Mapei Elastrorapid Part A & B per roll of Acoustilay Tilemat.

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