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Soundproofing has been made easy with PhoneStar, which is a very versatile, high-performance and simple to use acoustic insulation product that exceeds Building Regulations for the Resistance to the Passage of Sound in the UK and Ireland. This eco-friendly, natural and breathable soundproofing board provides outstanding results for both airborne sound reduction (e.g. talking, music, television noise) and impact sound reduction (e.g. footstep and furniture dragging noise)

through soundproofing floors, walls and ceilings, in one single product. It is also CE marked. Because it is only 15mm thick, PhoneStar is an ideal soundproofing solution for new builds, conversions, refurbishments and remedial projects, because it takes up very little precious room space and is easy to install. In addition, it adds thermal mass to the structure so is very beneficial to use on timber frame or lightweight buildings which tend to overheat in summer. The PhoneStar board will absorb the heat during the day and release it at night-time as the room cools.


15mm thick

Reduces Impact and Airborne Noise

Easy to handle 1200mm x 800mm

Ideal for retrofit due to its slim profile

Adds thermal mass to timber/steel framed structures

Perfect to be laid on top of underfloor heating 

Sustainable and Natural Product made from Cardboard and Sand


(Results from Institute Structural Physics (IBP), Germany)

 Impact Sound of Concrete Floor (without any plasterboard on the ceiling) 

 Before PhoneStar : Ln,0,w = 77 dB

After PhoneStar : Ln,w = 55 dB

Impact Sound Difference made by PhoneStar Board: ∆Lw = 22 dB 

More Performance Data in files attached



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