GenieClip RST

Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation

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GenieClip RST delivers superior acoustic performance, reducing both airborne and impact sound through wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. The GenieClip RST is a unibody moulded rubber and galvanised steel mount used to attach plasterboard to either wall or floor-ceiling assemblies.

  • Width 40mm
  • Height 24mm
  • Length 63mm
  • Weight 40 grams
  • Area (m2) x 2.5

Max Spacing on GenieClip TH Furring Channel 1200 mm centres


  • Manufactured from recycled products
  • Easy and fast to install using Genie Clip Furring Channels.
  • Excellent low frequency performance allows for design options in wood construction with or without the use of a screed.
  • Concrete slab results with significant broadband sound reduction for floor/ceiling applications
  • Performance similar to a double stud wall, but with a substantial reduction in building materials
  • Decrease wall thickness and increase valuable floor space Improves Ln,w performance by 8-12 dB in floor/ceiling retrofit assemblies
  • Increase Rw by 12-18 dB in wall retrofit assemblies
  • Retrofit directly to existing ceiling or wall
  • Greater Rw performance than other popular retrofit solutions

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