dB Slab 100 Acoustic Mineral Wool



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dB Slab Insulation has been developed to reduce airborne sound transmission through separating floors, ceilings and walls within both new build and refurbishment projects and is manufactured by a unique process, utilising renewable energy and a sustainable source of raw material.

dB Slab provides excellent acoustic performance, reducing airborne sound as part of a recommended sound-insulating system for separating floors, ceilings or walls

Please consult the dB Slab Datasheet for complete installation & performance information.

This product is perfect, and some would say essential to be included in any wall, floor or ceiling system.  It adds mass to the new system and helps absorb sound within the newly created void and stopped any resonance.

If your room floor is 4m x 4m = 16m2 / 3.6 (100mm Insulation) = 4.444 so rounded up = 5 packs required. 


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