Acousticboard 4

Sound Reduction Systems

Sound Reduction Systems

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Airborne Rating 48dB D nTw +C tr
Thickness 30mm
Sheet Dimensions: 1.18m x 1m
Area: 1.18㎡

What is Acousticboard 4

This gypsum wall-board has been modified to reduce sound through joining walls and an ideal product for properties with noisy neighbours. Acoustic board's unique 4 layer composite offers a high level of sound insulation through a dividing wall if you are looking to treat with a direct fix application. 

Acoustic board 4 is made up of various layers to insulate your wall and from noise and vibration.

Acousticboard 4 Sizes

  • 1180mm x 1000mm x 30mm
  • 1.18m2
  • Tapered Edge

Acousticboard 4 is a simple product to install for competent DIY fans. Acoustic board 4 can be applied directly to any level wall. 9 fixings per board are suggested. Then simply seal the perimeter with Acoustic Sealant. A secondary layer of plasterboard can be applied over the Acousticboard for additional mass. However, always check and be confident of the structural integrity of the wall you are installing onto to ensure it can take the additional weight.

Acoustic board 4 is a 2 man lift as it weighs 29kg per M2.

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