Acoustic Socket Boxes

Sound Reduction Systems

Sound Reduction Systems

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Our Acoustic Socket Boxes are fabricated from 2 layers of 10mm thick high-density gypsum-based board.  The Socket and Service Boxes are designed to ensure the acoustic integrity of any metal or timber framed separating wall that contains sockets and/or services.

The SRS Socket and Service Boxes have been designed in line with Robust Detail guidance, and are suitable for use with E-WT-1, E-WT-2, E-WS-1 and E-WS-2, as well as in standard applications where Robust Details are not required.

Please consult the Datasheet for full installation & performance information.


Single 157mm x 117mm x 37mm (external measurements)

Double 217mm x 117mm x 37mm (external measurements)

The team at SIS say:  Light switches and plug sockets allow clear passage of sound through a stud wall.  This product is great for adding mass behind switches/sockets and limiting the clear passage of sound.

Technical Data

Data Sheet

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