ISOedge 6mm x 260mm x 50m

Sound Insulation

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Sound Insulation

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Isoedge 6/260

Thickness: 6mm
Width: 260mm
Roll Length: 50m
Density: 30kg/m3
Weight/m2: 0.18kg
Weight: 5.2kg

Isoedge 6/260 is designed for use in our Isorubber Base/Code and Isorubber HP3 under screed systems. It is used to isolating the screed from the walls, plaster / plasterboard, skirting and penetrations reducing flanking sound transmission.

The use of Isoedge 6/260 is a requirement of Robust Details E-FC-4, E-FC-12 and E-FC-14.

It is die-cut 100mm from the bottom edge and has an adhesive backing strip; the front face is also overprinted to aid installation.